What is fat transfer to the buttocks, and how does it work?

What is fat transfer to the buttocks, and how does it work

Transfer to the buttocks or gluteal lipotransfer is a plastic surgery that uses the patient’s own fat to give volume and shape to the buttocks

This is a procedure that has gained popularity in recent years, especially in women who wish to have larger buttocks that are harmonious with the rest of their body.

It is also a technique that combines the use of implants with fat transfer.

The transfer to the buttocks is an effective and safe way to reshape the buttocks, creating a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

With gluteal lipotransfer, fat is taken from an area of the body with too much fat, like the abdomen, and moved to the buttocks. This gives the buttocks more volume and a better shape.

The fat transfer is precisely administered to ensure an even distribution of fat in the buttocks. The results are fuller, rounder, and more aesthetically pleasing buttocks.

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How is the preparation for a fat transfer to the buttocks?

The preparation for fat transfer to the buttocks requires several steps to ensure the safety and success of the procedure.
Before the intervention, the patient must have a medical evaluation. If the patient is on medication, the type of medication must be well analyzed.
Before surgery, the patient will have a consultation with the plastic surgeon to discuss their expectations and evaluate their candidacy for surgery.
The surgeon will also explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions the patient may have.
In addition, specific preparation instructions will be given, which may include abstinence from smoking, discontinuation of certain medications, and medical testing prior to surgery.
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Advantages of a fat transfer to the buttocks

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Fat transfer to the buttocks has become very popular because it has proven to be an effective and safe way to reshape the buttocks.

This procedure improves the shape of your buttocks with more natural results compared to implants.

There is also a lower chance of complications and a shorter recovery.
First, you and your surgeon should talk about buttock lipotransfer to see if it is the right surgery for you.

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How does fat transfer to the buttocks work?

Fat is removed from one area of the body (such as the abdomen or hip) and transferred to the buttocks.

In this way, the buttocks receive an increase in volume while the skin remains intact.

The following is a summary of how gluteal liposuction is performed:

 General anesthesia is administered.

The surgeon uses a liposuction technique to remove fat from a particular area of the body.

Once the fat has been harvested, it is cleaned and processed so that only healthy fat cells are transferred to the buttocks.

The doctor carefully injects the prepared fat into the buttocks to change their shape and size.

It’s important to do what the surgeon tells you to do after surgery to make sure you heal well and safely.

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Fat transfer for buttocks cost

The cost of the transfer depends on several factors, such as the area of the fat transfer, the surgeon’s experience, and the location of the procedure.

The final value of a gluteal lipotransfer can range from UDD 4,500 to U.S. $7,000, which can also vary depending on the complexity of the result.

Fat transfer to buttocks recovery

Recovery from Fat transfer to buttocks is a process that requires a period of rest and care for the best results.

Rest time varies from patient to patient, but most patients will need at least one week, with some needing as long as two to three weeks to fully recover.

During the recovery process, patients should avoid physical activity, including the gym and heavy lifting, as this could complicate the patient’s condition.

Patients also have to wear a girdle to protect the area where the surgery was done and keep their new body shape.

During recovery, patients should also be careful about what they eat and drink, since spicy foods and alcohol can irritate the treated area.

In general, people who have had a gluteal Fat transfer should follow their doctor’s instructions for a safe and successful recovery.

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When are the results of Fat transfer to buttocks?

The results of the gluteal Fat transfer are visible from the first day; however, it may take several months for them to be fully evident.

The effects of the surgery are seen gradually, and the body needs time to assimilate the transferred fat..

The body can also reabsorb up to 30% of the transferred fat, so the results may not be visible until several months after surgery.

Before and after gluteal Fat transfer to buttocks

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FAQ gluteal Fat transfer to buttocks

Recovery usually lasts one to two weeks but may vary depending on the patient.

Depending on how well the person keeps their weight off and how old they are, the results can last from a few years to forever.

Buttock lipotransfer is more natural than implants, but the results depend on the patient and the surgeon.

Yes, buttock liposuction is done under general anesthesia.

The best candidate for butt fat transfer is an adult with sufficient fat in donor areas who has realistic expectations about the results.

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