Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, a new aesthetic technique

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Colombia

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a new surgical technique that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up and remove tissue. This method has many benefits over traditional techniques, including less bleeding, reduced swelling and faster healing time.

Dr. David Delgado is one of the first surgeons in Colombia to offer ultrasonic rhinoplasty and he believes that it will revolutionize the way nose surgery is performed. «Ultrasonic rhinoplasty offers many advantages over traditional techniques,» said Dr. Delgado. «It’s less invasive, causes less bleeding and swelling, and heals faster.»

Patients who have undergone ultrasonic rhinoplasty report excellent results with minimal downtime. If you are considering nose surgery, be sure to ask your surgeon about this revolutionary new procedure.

What is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

In an ultrasonic rhinoplasty, nose surgery is done without hurting nearby tissues like cartilage, mucosa, muscle, or blood vessels. This is possible because we use a piezoelectric scalpel with ultrasonic vibrations to cut and reshape the bone safely and accurately.

«This technique allows greater control when modeling and cutting the nasal bones. It also allows for preserving the nasal dorsum’s vital structures to achieve natural-looking results.»

What are the benefits of ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty uses sound waves to heat and break up the nasal bone and cartilage, which allows for more precise nose sculpting without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty also has the benefit of being less invasive than traditional rhinoplasty, which means there is less risk of complications and a quicker recovery time.

The main benefits of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty include the following:

  • More accuracy: Ultrasound makes it possible to reshape the nose bone more accurately, millimeter by millimeter, even if the bones are weak and brittle.
  • Less tissue trauma: Less bruising and edema are generated as opposed to traditional rhinoplasty.
  • Faster recovery: recovery time is reduced, and management is simplified.
  • Harmonious and stable results: Because this is an exact method, the results are very natural, which means that the changes made will last.

What is the difference between a traditional rhinoplasty and an ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

In a traditional rhinoplasty, we perform nasal reshaping and make cuts at the level of the bones of the nose using a chisel (like a small blade) and hammer.

Unlike this, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, in addition to the use of piezoelectric technology, gives the patient a faster recovery.

In ultrasonic rhinoplasty surgery, it is possible to correct the nasal shape, but the function must also be fixed if there are respiratory problems.

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How long does ultrasonic rhinoplasty take to heal?

In Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty pain is minimal. Recovery is very fast, during the first week may appear edema and some bruising around the eyes or cheeks, but more discreet compared to the traditional technique.

During the first days, the patient will not have nasal packing, but it is normal to feel the sensation of nasal congestion like when you have a cold. The nose is protected by a thermoplastic nasal splint for a week, after which it will be removed along with the stitches.

During this time the patient will have to wash several times a day with physiological saline solution and clean the wound. It is necessary that the patient follows the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to treat the inflammation with medication if necessary.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Colombia

How long does it take for ultrasonic rhinoplasty results to show? 

The results of ultrasonic rhinoplasty can be seen almost right away. However, during the first month, any remaining swelling may get smaller and smaller over the course of 3 to 6 months. The dorsum and nasal tip are the areas that may take the longest time to reduce swelling.

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Who is candidate for Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Procedure?

A good candidate for Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty should meet the following requirements:

  • The patient must be in good health.
  • The patient must be aware that they want to correct the shape or size of their nose.
  • The patient must follow the recommendations before and after rhinoplasty.

It's more expensive than a traditional rhinoplasty?

There’s no way around the fact that ultrasonic rhinoplasty costs more than regular rhinoplasty.

In ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the most recent technological advancements are utilized, which makes for a more precise procedure and, as a result, superior outcomes. A normal rhinoplasty without ultrasound is cheaper than a normal rhinoplasty with ultrasound.

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Rhinoplasty Ultrasonic Colombia

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a quick recovery procedure; however, it is important to follow the surgeon’s recommendations to obtain the best results and a satisfactory recovery.

Rhinoplasty recovery
Rhinoplasty Recovery

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Medellín.

If you want to have an ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Medellin, Dr. David Delgado is the best plastic surgeon in Medellin, and he is a specialist in ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

Dr. David Delgado is a certified plastic surgeon in Medellin and a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. David Delgado, a plastic surgeon in Medellin, performs facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, and rhytidoplasty, among others. He also specializes in body surgeries such as liposuction, gluteoplasty, augmentative mammoplasty, reduction mammoplasty, and mastopexy.

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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Colombia


Dr. David Delgado is the best plastic surgeon in Colombia, and he is a specialist in ultrasonic rhinoplasty. If you want to have an ultrasonic rhinoplasty done in Colombia, you should visit Dr. David Delgado Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. David Delgado is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Colombia. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.

A Plastic Surgeon in Colombia by the name of Dr. David Delgado, who specializes in facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, and rhytidoplasty, amongst others, performs these and other facial surgeries.

In addition to that, he is highly skilled in body procedures such as liposuction, gluteoplasty, augmentative mammoplasty, reduction mammoplasty, and mastopexy.

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